Sydney: why is one of the best cities to visit
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Sydney: why is one of the best cities to visit

Reasons that make us choose the main city of Australia for our next vacation

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Norberto Sica

It’s hard to describe in few words the feeling that the city of Sydney transmits.

It’s like a living creature that’s is constantly showing something new.

Its bay displays a different postcard every hour. Its boats, ferries, sailboats and yachts leave a wake that smile to us.

It’s like an organism that shows a face that transmits peace and it somehow enchant us.

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It’s like if the sun specially lights it up with a different angle enhancing its beauty.

“This place has patience. A greatness that doesn’t try you feel late, just welcome when you finally arrive”.

There’s always a good time to visit Sydney.

And that patience mixes with the australian idiosyncrasy who always shows himself cheerful, happy, relaxed and with good will.

The “aussie” have a mix of their English fix with their laidback and kind personality. You can go out for a walk on the beach or the streets and have the sense of the people saying “Hi” like if they would have known you for years.

Sydney is a large city not only for the area but also for its population. However, its uncommon geography of transparent river and sea, beaches, hills and cliffs, far from overwhelm us, it delights us with every little thing that flow through our eyes.

Its coast meanders, like a constantly moving map.

And with iconic buildings and places like the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Tower, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Contemporary Art Museum, Circular Quay, The Rocks o Darling Harbour, looks like the nature and architecture would have conspired together to transform everything.

The senses awake and our mind reaches a higher level.

It’s a city that reflects a country where life is strong.

The strength of diversity, native traditions, a unique flora and fauna, a race mix and understanding.

A tacit understanding between logic and feeling, between the desired of discover and let be surprised.

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