The images of the Brightline West train between Las Vegas and Los Angeles
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The images of the Brightline West train between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Siemens will introduce the AP220 trainsets for the new route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Images Redacción

The company Brightline West revealed at the beginning of this May, that Siemens has been chosen as the «preferred bidder» to manufacture train sets for the route linking Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The agreement entails the production of ten «American Pioneer 220» (AP 220) train sets to be created, transported to Nevada, and tested in line with Brightline West’s plan to commence operations by 2028.

This decision follows a rigorous, multi-year competitive procurement process involving various international competitors. The selection, pending the finalization of definitive agreements, was based on specific criteria such as price, production timeline, train performance (including speed and travel duration), ADA compliance, passenger amenities, and overall passenger capacity. Additionally, future compatibility with the California High-Speed Rail project was considered. The trains will be manufactured in adherence to all pertinent «Buy America» regulations.

The images of the Brightline West train between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

How’s the train between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

With this selection, Siemens will introduce the AP220 trainsets, representing a new era of innovative high-speed technology tailored for the U.S. market. These trains, evolving from the proven Velaro platform currently in operation in Europe, will feature state-of-the-art passenger experiences, cutting-edge digital technology, and a groundbreaking propulsion system.

The AP220 will leverage an American supply chain, catalyzing the establishment of a new industry within the United States, rivaling nations with longstanding high-speed rail networks. Siemens will establish a new facility for AP220 production, with the location to be announced upon finalization of the contract.

The images of the Brightline West train between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

The AP220 will be the first genuine high-speed train sets manufactured in America, designed to operate at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. Their propulsion system, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic design make them more efficient than other high-speed trains. Featuring an ultrawide carbody for superior passenger comfort and exceeding ADA requirements for accessibility, these seven-car trains will accommodate between 434-450 passengers, with travel times of less than two hours.

Spanning 218 miles, the system will be constructed along the median of the I-15, connecting city pairs deemed too distant to drive yet too short to fly. Stops will include Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as Victor Valley, Hesperia, and Rancho Cucamonga, California.


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